MFW is a customized base installation of OpenBSD, with a preinstalled IDS package (snort), customized logging, response, management, log event reporting and rotation software, source update scriptset using cvs, kernel configuration and compilation scriptset, and configuration templates for ipf, snort, and many other tools used.

The distribution is the result of a need for a rapid deployable firewall, intrusion detection, and response system to assist in combating affects of spreading viruses and worms, DDoS, and systems penetration.

The system is capable of being instantly deployed as an invisible firewall (bridge mode), with preconfigured IDS software ready for immediate final configuration, without the burden of heavy pre and post install configuration.

MFW uses a modified version of the OpenBSD install scripts. It can be installed via cdrom, ftp, nfs, or a local mount just like OpenBSD, except its scripts can easily identify files in the installation path, allowing for instant package addition to the base packages. These scripts can also be used to install the original distribution of OpenBSD as well as any additionally customized distributions made by user via all the above methods. This makes it possible to rapidly deploy on a single media several different systems for immediate use.

The base installation is from one base package and one kernel package. The total disk requirements is approximately 60M (including 10M for temporary log storage). With the source packages the total size is 350M. Installation will require a 45M download for a stock distribution if using a network based installation means.

With its rapid deployment capability and customized configuration, the MFW system is capable of instant license-free deployment, assuring a rapid and complete answer to security threats as they form.

To download MFW via ftp, click here.
To download MFW via http, click here.